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10th December 2005:

It's time to show an exclusive photo book about the recent Queen+ PR issue: "Return Of The Champions". The release of the limited edition triple lp box set has been announced few weeks ago and it is actually impossible to find detailed pictures on the whole Net... or... best... it is possible now! To have more details on this deluxe box set and to look some picture click here!

30th March 2005:

We give in exclusive the edonkey link to a partial video of the concert in Paris, plus 18 wonderful photos shoot during the concert in Paris. Thanks to xOOm for either the coding of the video and the pictures! To have more details click here!

20th March 2005:

Brian and Roger have played in South Africa yesterday to support the Nelson Mandela's 46664 campaign to contribute to the AIDS research. They played for an entire concert with the Paul Rodgers as front-man. Too have more details, please click here!

10th February 2005:

I've released a very informative page that talks about the most sought after Queen record: the Numbered Limited Edition of the Bohemian Rhapsody 7" in Royal Blue Vinyl! Read the whole article here!

29th November 2003:

Queen stole the show... again and again!! I'm talking about the 46664 show in South Africa that happened today! This site is the first to offer you some pictures of this incredible event!! Brian and Roger were as always BRILLIANT! Thank you guys! Keep Queening for us. To look at a complete photo-diary in absolute preview click here!

The Queen set list was:

· Say It’s Not True (Queen+ Dave Stewart, Roger on vocals)
· Invincible Hope (Queen+ Dave Stewart, instrumental)
· The Call (Queen+ Dave Stewart, Brian on vocals)
· The Show Must Go On (Treanna Morris, Zoe Nicholas and Chris Thompson on vocals)
· Toss The Feathers (instrumental song by Roger + Corrs)
· Is This The World We Created (a duet by Brian and Andrea Corr)
· Everybody Has Got To Love Sometimes (Queen+ Zucchero)
· Amandla (Queen+ Bono and Anastacia)
· Bohemian Rhapsody (operatic section)
· I want It All (Queen+ Zucchero)
· I want To Break Free (Queen+ Tandy on vocals)
· Radio Ga Ga (Roger on vocals)
· We Will Rock You (Queen+ Anastacia on vocals)
· We Are The Champions (Queen+ Anastacia on vocals)

Brian and Roger also appeared in the finale all together with the other artists.

09th October 2003:

An update on the visit of Brian and Roger in Rome the last 25th and 26th September.
And, again, something that connects them with the "We Will Rock You" song!
All the details here!

03rd October 2003:

A new update to the "We Will Rock You" European releases special page.
I have put the photo of the new 1 track promo only UK cd single + the pictures of a second new French compilation sung by children.
For full details go here!

26th September 2003:

Roger and Brian were HERE in Italy in this day!! They have only been here for 24 hours. They went in CineCittà in Rome to film their partecipation to the following PEPSI advertising campaign. Unfortunately it was a secret project so I have no pictures to showing here! :-(

05th August 2003 plus 11th August 2003 plus 08th September plus 18th September (will be continued...):

Again some new details and a couple of new pictures for the "We Will Rock You" European releases.
For full details go here!

27th July 2003:

Also with the help of my friend Pierre-Henri I have updated the page related to the new "We Will Rock You" editions.
In France was also issued in a 12" edition! The first Queen 12" in seven years!
For full details go here!

16th July 2003:

I released a page that offers details on 4 new cd singles issued in France and Germany.
Give a look at here!

30th May 2003:

My friend Alessandro Lochis sent me a lot of private photos taken in a lot of Queen related places (Montreux, London, Modena). Look a
t his shots by clicking here!

30th May 2003:

Thanks to a very dear friend who gave me the 2 existing video-songs of the live in London - Rainbow Theatre 31/03/74, I have released this photo page: click here!

27th May 2003:

Brian and Roger was in Italy to play live at the 'Pavarotti & Friends' benefit concert.

I've made a 150 pictures photo-diary. You can look at them by clicking here!

Queen rocked the people in Modena by opening the show with "We Will Rock You". In the middle of the show was the time to play "Radio Ga Ga" sung by Roger and after that a duet that we'll never forget: "Too Much Love Will Kill You" sung by Brian and Mr. Luciano Pavarotti. The show was closed also by Queen with a version of "We Are The Champions" sung in duet by Brian and the Italian composer Zucchero. Then, all the artists came to the show, all together sung "Libiamo Nei Lieti Calici", an opera piece taken by "La Traviata".

14th May 2003:

"When Roger was in Rome in the late 1977..."
This is the name of an article I wrote when I discovered an old Italian magazine (Ciao2001) wich had an exclusive interview with our favourite drummer. Roger came here that year to promote the 'News Of The World' lp. Read all the details and the scan pictures of that article by clicking here!

19th April 2003:

A Queen musical in my town???
Think at my suprise when I watched a poster that adverted that a Queen musical should have been done here in Trapani (Italy)!! I thought: <<WOW I can't believe it!!>>
The musical made by a lot of talented people have rocked the people for two dates that went all sold-out! These were two great shows made in the days 18th and 19th April 2003, and I will never forget them!! Some details on those shows are here!

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