Here you can download 28 midi-files zipped in one folder of only 252 Kb. Just CLICK HERE to do it!

The "quemidi.zip" file you will download, contains the following songs:

Now I'm here, Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (2 versions), You are my best friend, Good old fashioned lover boy, Another one bites the dust, Crazy little thing called love, Save me, Under Pressure, Radio Ga Ga, I want to break free, It's a hard life, One Vision, Friends will be friends, Who wants to live forever, The Miracle, Invisible man, Innuendo, I can't live with you, Headlong, These are the days of our lives, I'm going slightly mad, All God's people, Bijou, Don't try so hard, The show must go on, Too much love will kill you.

I hope you'll enjoy all them!

You're not yet satisfied? Below find other files to download individually!

We are the champions


A winter's tale

You don't fool me






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